Galvanized steel strip is a multipurpose item. It is utilized to secure the exceptionally big cargo in land or marine transportation. In Suomet’s offer, there are steel strips, both galvanized or laminated, and also without any cover. Galvanizing or laminating process makes the steel durable and protects it against rusting. Suomet sells galvanized steel strip with different width and thickness followed by various material strength.

Suomet serves its clients a professional assistance with selection of proper dimensions for galvanized steel strip. It is important to maximize efficiency of the strip and obtain an optimal cost while packing the cargo.

Norms: EN 10346:2009, EN 10143:2006, EN 10111:2008, EN 10149-2:1995, EN 10120:2008, EN 10051:1997, EN 10130:2006, EN 10268:2008, EN 10120:1996, EN 10131:2008

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